Helsinki – where East meets West

Throughout its 450-year history the maritime city of Helsinki has swung between the currents of Eastern and Western influences. The lifestyle in this northernmost of European capitals is full of contrasts and fascinating culture. Influences from both the East and West are visible in the city’s architecture, culinary culture, events, traditions and many other elements that are unique to the life in Helsinki.
Helsinki is one the safest cities in Europe that is friendly toward residents and visitors alike thanks to its cleanliness and functional urban planning. Food hygiene and quality of drinking water are of the highest order. Most of Helsinki’s tourist attractions are situated within easy walking distance of the city centre.
Both Helsinki and its residents have personality and charm that are easy to get to know. The city is open to winds and trends, as demonstrated by the trendy and laid-back atmosphere. Studies have shown that visitors truly appreciate Helsinki’s friendly and multilingual residents. Increasingly the city is also attracting attention for its fashion, music and lively club and youth culture. Helsinki’s nightlife offers quality over quantity.
Helsinki is a green city that is surrounding nature. One third of the city consists of parks and other green areas. The city’s many parks are enjoyed by visitors and residents alike, the forest of central park begins close to city centre. The summer has its warmth and around-the-clock sunlight, while the frozen winter glistens the Christmas card nicely.


Wanha Satama