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Maik Morgenstern and Hendrik Pilz, AV-Test.org

Maik Morgenstern

Useful and useless statistics about viruses and anti-virus programs

Did you know that AV-Test.org has downloaded 161,547 AV signature updates in 2008 and 220,990 in 2009 from the AV companies' webpages? That we're seeing an average of 1,516,929 mio new unique samples per month (Nov 2009), an increase of 107% when compared with Nov 2008? That 31,000,425 malicious files exist at the time of writing in our collection, that's 2,107 new samples per hour or about one every two seconds?
Did you know that the average AV signature database is 52,034,711 bytes in size and an incremental update usually requires a download of 24,356 bytes? Well, the good news is that this means that scanners are only requiring 1.67 bytes of detection information per malware.
If you know all of this, you're good and should know that a virus collection of a tester includes 66,746 samples, but out of them 6.43% are corrupted and won't work. No wonder that the average products are only detecting 93.23% of AV tester's collections... Are you scared about these numbers and want to get more? Then you should go in our presentation!