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Righard Zwienenberg und Trygve Brox, Norman

Trygve Brox

Sample Sharing Initative

Most AV vendors are sharing their samples on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This is an important part of any vendors operation, but also a cause for much frustration and extra work. Because of the way samples are distributed and the delays in distribution, a vendor may receive the same sample from multiple sources, thus wasting bandwidth, storage space, processing power and human resources.
With this paper we would like to put a sample sharing proposal on the table – and back it up with a working solution you can start using today. With this initiative we hope that the industry will adopt our proposal and start sharing samples in the same way.
Trygve Brox is the lead programmer for the Internal Systems team at Norman and has been working there since 2001. His main focus is on development of analysis tools and automated systems for tasks like sample processing.